Since the beginning of time an individual has had to put forth effort to survive, by hunting, planting and reaping that in which they have sown.  Thus we have the workforce of employment.  Down through the span of labor industry one has always over heard the comment; “my wages does not match my worth”.  Reparation has always driven the workforce to pay up or to compensate one for the actions and efforts of their time in which they have put in.  Fair compensation is always requested by humanity; believing they should receive all that’s coming to them for the deeds in which they have performed.  Much to most of humanities’ surprise this is a God breathed truth. As we see in scripture wages was often a main topic in the activity of fairness of recompense or fairness of restitution.  Even in the Old Testament seen in Levitcus-19:13 Thou shalt not defraud thy neighbor, neither rob him: the wages of him that is hired.  Malachi -3:5 And I will come near to you to judgment; and I will be a swift witness against the sorcerers, and against the adulterers, and against false swearers, and against those “that oppress the hireling in his wages.  For certain God is more than a just God in one receiving just dues for that rendered.  We know as humanity, that in which we perform has just dues and consequences of return reward.  We as especially husbands expect to get all that’s coming to us as the one in which our family depends on.  We know they depend on us as the example, leader and protector of the family unit, and they are looking at us husbands for security, love and wellbeing.  As this being the case for us husbands and fathers, knowing we shall receive that in which we sow, always we need to expect the same, being it good, or being it bad.  We dads so much of the time sow to the earthly flesh and expect heavenly consequences, be it from the wife or the children, it ain’t gonna happen.  We will reap exactly that in which we have sown.  One cannot go the bar and have another brew being one too many and come home half tooted acting like an idiot thinking they’re not responsible for their adult activity be it good or be it bad, they will without a doubt, some way someday reap that in which they have sown. 

Speaking of wages; Temperaments of the parents are a real wage earner regarding the family rewards, this hits home for the one writing this article.  I was raised hard insecure and mean, not having sense enough to know when enough was enough.                       

 I have and am now receiving my fair wages, being remorse, heartache and sorrow over the wages in which I deserve and have justly earned, it’s the wage that keeps on giving, even down through the following generations   The problem, I learned too little too late to have received a much better payday someday.

 We husbands let our slipshod days casually slip by us, and then all too soon as we are walking our daughter down the aisle soon to be some lucky males wife, sorrow fills our hearts of our yesteryears failings as a dad.  Or we see our young son standing there in the beginnings of his tomorrows becoming a husband and possibly a dad, hoping he knows how to be a better father than you were to him.  Trusting all that you had taught him of being a man and fatherhood, didn’t take.  I have seen the times dads have been talking through the bars of a cell, dying inside of their soul, wishing things could have would have been different.  Sadly, their wish had been hoped for a little too late.  Dad, today is the day of getting it right, not tomorrow, lest your wages will be as just.  God tells us: Rom-6:23 For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord. This does not mean necessarily the Death of one physically, though it may, but it means the “DEATH” of possibly a relationship, of respect or any other viable and precious thing in which we deem as such. Then we must reflect also on the possibility and actions of a loving and Godly dad bringing security, peace and happiness to a family unit, being just a little earlier taste of heaven in the household.

I want to take a minute to encourage the husbands and fathers to reflect on just what type of harvest or return of your efforts on the behalf of your God given family you’d desire to reap at the final end of your labors as the Priest and family leader. Would you desire heartache, sorrow, guilt and remorse; or would you desire to reap, celebration of love, contentment, satisfaction, joy and happiness of your efforts and wages in which you have justly earned?  The decision is yours and yours alone, you decide this very day.  Today is the first day of the rest of your life, what will be your answer; as the answer will decide your wages of tomorrow.  God Bless each Husband and Father as you make this grave decision.  In Christ is my prayer for you. Ljp Copyright © 2018 CHA

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